At Xeno Athletics, our personal training is approached with an athletic mindset, enabling our clients to reach their peak fitness potential. Our staff includes former collegiate athletes with years of experience in lifting and learning from some of the top strength and fitness coaches in the country. Clients are carefully coached through every workout, ensuring safety and fast-tracking them toward their fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to shed the excess weight, gain lean mass, or just tone up, our personal trainers can get you there!



Arrive early to get your warm-up out of the way because we’re blasting off right from the start to make the most of each 30-minute session. We’ll help push you through a fast-paced, goal-oriented workout that’s easy to fit into your schedule.

$18/session/person for groups of 2


An incredibly detailed workout experience like you’ve never had before, uniquely designed for your goals. We start with a dynamic warmup meant to ramp up the intensity and get your muscles prepped for what’s to come. Once that’s out of the way, we get down to business with a high-powered strength and conditioning workout that will leave you sore for days—and wanting more. A cool down stretch targeting the muscles used closes out the session, giving you a jumpstart on your recovery for your next workout.

$25/session/person for groups of 2


Send Us A Message

Send us a message and let us know a little bit about you! What fitness challenges are you facing, and what are your goals? We’ll be in touch (usually right away) and set you up with a personal trainer that matches your fitness goals, training style, and personality. Next, we’ll schedule a time for your free consultation!

Free Consultation and Trial Session

Come in for a tour of the gym and meet your trainer in person! We’ll be able to talk more about your fitness goals and expectations, and we’ll go over our training philosophy and process in more detail. We’ll also answer any questions you may have. Then, we’ll put you through a workout that will give you a chance to experience our training, and will help us establish a benchmark of your physical ability. After we finish, the decision will be a no-brainer!


Joe Sindoni

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Joe is the founder and Head Fitness Coach at Xeno Athletics. A former U.S. Navy Rescue Swimmer and Division I athlete, Joe uses his unique real world experiences to mold his training philosophy into the proven formula that it is today. Blending the high intensity bodyweight regimen of the Special Forces with the controlled strength and conditioning training of high-level athletics, Joe can perfectly tailor a program for any individual, no matter their goals or ability. A graduate of Campbell University in North Carolina, Joe holds a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and a Minor in Business.


  • Personal Training Institute of America Certified
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Hector Diaz

Progressive Calisthenics Instructor

Hector is a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College, where he competed as an NCAA Division III athlete. A competitive swimmer for 18 years, including 7 years as a USA Swimming Coach, he holds multiple swimming records at the collegiate level

After his swimming career came to an end, Hector discovered calisthenics, the practice of building strength and getting a lean, toned physique through the mastery of one’s own bodyweight. He was trained under the tutelage of Al and Danny Kavadlo, titans in the field of calisthenics. Because of its simplicity and minimalism, he immediately fell in love with it and he knows you will too!

“My mission is to become as strong as these athletes, so I started looking for a calisthenics mentor, someone who could teach me more advanced movements in the Albany area, but I found no one that can teach this unless I traveled to NYC or Europe. They say the best way to be good at something is by teaching it, so I decided to become a calisthenics instructor!”

  • Dragon Door Progressive Calisthenics Certified